Cityscape Artwork

There is a common misconception that commissioned cityscape artwork must be visually complicated. Cityscapes tend to have more components than other paintings, yet there’s no need to bombard the eyes with an overabundance of objects. Victoria Jackson’s commissioned artwork presents cityscapes with artful visual organization and design. Life in the city isn’t exactly peaceful or soothing, yet you’ll feel an enjoyable sense of calm when you look at Victoria’s cityscape pieces.

All original artwork is acrylic on canvas unless otherwise denoted.

Complex Beauty  

Everyone enjoys looking at the beauty of the city yet not everyone wants to live in a busy urban setting. The best commissioned cityscape artwork presents complex settings with uncomplicated forms and color. Though skylines and other urban spaces have a distinct look, the painting created specifically for you will be idiosyncratic in every sense of the word.

Victoria creates commissioned cityscape artwork for specific cities requested by each individual client. These paintings are not literal depictions of cities yet they can resemble the city you have in mind, be it New York, Atlanta, Raleigh, San Francisco, New Orleans or another urban space.

Harbor Town

No Obligation Commissioned Cityscape Artwork

Once your abstract cityscape painting is complete, you’ll find you gravitate toward its visual beauty. Victoria’s commissioned cityscape artwork is highlighted by gorgeous horizon lines, soothing water and colors that leave a truly indelible impression. There’s no deposit necessary for your Victoria Jackson commissioned cityscape artwork. You are not obligated to buy the finished cityscape piece upon completion.

Tell Victoria what you are looking for in your commissioned cityscape artwork and she’ll bring your vision to life with a painting that takes the interior of your home, business or other space to a new visual level. Your commissioned cityscape artwork is specifically tailored to your requests, helping to make the interior of your home, office or other space uniquely yours.